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AC Pro Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners & Condensers

Our quality air conditioning systems and condensers are built to last. Our HVAC technicians will install them right the first time and always be there when you need support.

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AC Pro Furnace

Furnaces & Heating Systems

Let us provide you with efficient heating solutions. We have furnaces for homes and commercial use. Get in touch with us today and let us handle your heating needs!

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Nest Thermostat

Other HVAC Solutions

We offer all-inclusive HVAC services to offer our customers solutions for all their air conditioning, heating, and ventilation needs. Ask about our services today!

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air conditioning systems and condensers

Our air conditioners are all about control. You’ll be able to create your environment, your way. Our HVAC technicians will make sure your new air cooling system includes all the features that your home or business requires, tailoring each system to your individual needs.

We offer advanced cooling technology that keeps your cooling system running at its peak efficiency, which in turn saves you money on your electric bill each month. When you choose Clima Heating and Cooling, you get efficient, lasting solutions that keep you cool and provide the ultimate in home comfort.

AC Pro Air Conditioners Trane Air Conditioners
AC Pro Air Conditioner

Schedule an appointment with us for your routine maintenance or HVAC system installation today!

Trane Furnaces

furnaces and heating systems

Professionals in the HVAC industry choose equipment built with the highest level of craftsmanship and engineered with the most energy-efficient features available. The heating systems we provide our customers deliver on both counts. Quality construction assures years of reliable operation, and modulating technology provides efficient warmth even in the harshest of winters. It’s home heating at its best.

AC Pro Furnaces Trane Heat Pumps Trane Furnaces

more hvac solutions and equipment

We offer an array of HVAC products to cover all of your climate control needs ranging from thermostats to ventilation. We’ve got you covered. The latest temperature control technology will provide you with fast and direct heat or air when you need it most. Our ventilation solutions are green products that provide your home with clean air year after year.

Nest Thermostats Quiet Cool Ventilation Trane Comfort Systems Fujitsu Mini-Split Systems Trane Air Handler
Nest Thermostat

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